Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage baseball blaster

Sport:  Baseball
Product:  2015 Topps Heritage blaster
Break Date:  March 14, 2015
Hit Breakdown:   None
Summary:  The past few years, I've picked up a blaster of Topps Heritage baseball when cruising the card section at retail outlets. I generally buy one, open it, get nothing out of it, and swear that I'm not going to buy the subsequent year's release.

It happens every single year.

And yet, like a car wreck that you feel compelled to rubberneck when driving by, I come back, year after year, and get sucked in.

2015 was no different. I looked at a few breaks online and people seemed to like it enough, so like an idiot, I picked up a blaster.

And, yep, 2015 was no different.

First and foremost, I'm not breaking wax for profit - that's gotta be put out there right away. Only insane people open retail products to try and flip what you pull in for a profit.

The design of the cards is nice enough as well. This year, Topps went with the 1966 design, which is a clean, attractive looking base card. I've got no gripes with the cards themselves.

I guess my issue lies with the fact that I opened the packs and don't feel like I got anything to write about at all.

With the base set, at least there are parallels out there, and a decent chunk of inserts to make each pack a little suspenseful. With this blaster, though, I got nada. 

Nothing. Zilch.

Out of all of the packs, I pulled a couple of the short-printed high numbers and five inserts. That's all.

And again, I didn't open this with the hopes of selling anything. I understand that Heritage is a product that's basically geared towards set builders and nostalgists. While I've got no nostalgia for 1966 Topps, since I was born 11 years later, I do build sets, and this blaster didn't make me want to rush out and buy another blaster, or a hobby box, to try to put the set together. 

That's where my gripe lies - Topps didn't leave me wanting more. I get that I'm not 100% the target market for the product, but had I pulled a Chrome parallel or something, maybe I'd be more apt to buy another.

So, that's my .02. Hopefully next year, when Heritage hits stores, I'll come back to this post so I can save myself the $19.99.

Grade for the product:  C
Grade for the break:  C-

High Number SPs (1:3) :  Kenly Jansen, Yordano Ventura
New Age Performers (1:8):  Evan Longoria
A Legend Begins (1:8) :  Nolan Ryan
News Flashbacks (1:12) :  Lunar Orbiter 1
Baseball Flashbacks (1:12) :  Lou Brock
Then and Now (1:10) :  Killebrew/Santana

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