Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2016 Topps Gypsy Queen Value Pack + Blaster

Sport:  Baseball
Product:  2016 Topps Gypsy Queen blaster, value pack
Break Date:  April 17, 2016
Hit Breakdown:   Value Pack - three Blue Frame parallels; Blaster - 1 short-printed mini
Summary:  I've always been a fan of Gypsy Queen - it was one of the first products that sucked me back into collecting when my interest was sparked again. So, after a three-month hiatus from busting wax as we were selling our house/moving, GQ was the first thing I went to.

I had seen breaks online and saw some people were pulling some nice stuff out of retail, so when we were at Target I picked up a blaster and a value pack and threw them in the cart. All told, it was a nice little break.

There wasn't much to the value pack. No variations, no hits, and frankly, not much from the blue frames either.

The blaster, though, was solid. The first pack yieled the advertised "short print" mini, or at least what I believe is - the foil Sandy Koufax. I usually loathe minis for so many reasons (hard to store, hard to protect, and generally annoying), but this foily, refractory mini is sharp.

The pack of the break, though, was what I'll call the "green" pack. When I opened it I noticed the green base card immediately, which turned out to be an auto. I don't really care about Alcides Escobar at all, but it's a pretty rare hit out of retail at 1 in 596 packs. The card's numbered to /99.

There was more green border in the pack, though - a green /99 mini of Joey Gallo (1:23). So, two /99 out of one pack was pretty cool.

The blaster also had an image variation - Wade Davis - which are 1 in 95 packs. So, three pretty tough pulls for retail.

The card design on the base cards themselves, though, I'm not a huge fan of this year. It seems really vanilla. I know there's only so much one can do when you're trying to keep a consistent style for a product line, but it really seems like a designer phoned this one in.

Grade for the product:  B+
Grade for the break:  A-

Value Pack
Blue Frame:  Craig Kimbrel, Andrelton Simmons, Jeurys Familia
Power Alley:  Carlos Delgado
Walk-Off Winners:  Manny Machado, Eric Hosmer

Green Autograph /99:  Alcides Escobar (1:596)
Image Variation:  Wade Davis (1:95)
Glove Stories:  George Springer
Power Alley:  Carlos Delgado
Walk-Off Winners:  Wilmer Flores
Green Mini /99:  Joey Gallo  (1:23)
Mini Foil:  Sandy Koufax

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