Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Championship Collection repack

Sport:  Football
Product:  Championship Collection
Break Date:  January 19, 2014
Hit Breakdown:  Two relic cards
Summary:  We were at one of "nicer" Wal-Marts picking some things up (yes, there is irony in a "nicer" Wal-mart), so I cruised over to the card aisle. Where most of the big box stores in our area get picked through pretty thoroughly, this one didn't seem to be cherry-picked, and they had some interesting things...some 2010 Bowman Chrome baseball, they had in the 2013 Contenders, and other random goodies.

I'm always intrigued by the re-pack things, and then saw the "Championship Collection," put out by the MJ Holding Company. What caught my eye was the price and the guaranteed relic hits - $19.99 for a whole slew of packs and two relics. The packs visible were solid-looking – mainly 2012 mid-range products. Once opened, here's what was inside:

2011 Elite
2011 Threads
2011 Threads Value Pack
2011 Upper Deck
2012 Absolute
2012 Crown Royale
2012 Press Pass
2012 Prestige (x2)
2012 Prestige Value Pack
2012 Rookies & Stars
2012 Upper Deck
2013 Sage High Number

The two relics turned out to be pretty solid – both from 2006 SPx, and both rookie jersey cards:  Brandon Marshall and Mario Williams. In terms of rookies out of '06, those are pretty solid pulls. Unfortunately, there were some slight impressions in the surface of the Marshall.

The packs themselves were by and large busts – some random inserts, some decent rookies out of '12 (but none of the big ones), and a parallel or two.

Overall, it was what you expect out of a repack - mainly junk. But, the two jersey cards were pretty good all things considered. For $19.99, it was a fun break, and if (stressing the if) you hit the right card out of one of the packs, it's a bargain. 

Grade for the product:  B+ 
Grade for the break:  B

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