Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2012-13 Panini Retrospection Collection blaster x 4

Sport:  Basketball
Product:  Panini Retrospection Collection blaster x 4
Break Date:  January 7
Hit Breakdown:  no guaranteed hits
Summary:  School was cancelled for my son because of the extreme cold, so I worked from home yesterday. Around lunchtime, we needed to run out to the grocery store. I decided to hit up Wal-Mart to see if they had any Prizm because I haven't found any here yet, and wanted to check out the blue Prizms.

They didn't have any Prizm, but they did have Retrospection Collection back in stock...four blasters' worth.

Knowing what people have been pulling out, and what we at Bluff City Box Breaks have pulled already, I picked every single one up and threw them in the cart.

What resulted? An absolute bloodbath.

It's plausible that Panini put all the decent hits in their first shipment as a way to entice buyers. Or, it's possible it's the not-so-luck of the draw. But, these four blasters were by and large duds.

The caveat is that, in a vacuum, they're good buys. If you pull an auto out of a blaster in general, you're coming out ahead, and I pulled two out of four blasters (both Contenders - Jae Crowder and a Markief Morris redemption).

There was also a nice-looking Ray Allen jersey card, and some die-cut parallels out of Elite. I did get excited to see the gold border of the die-cut Elite...and then I saw Carlos Delfino, who if I'm not mistaken, hasn't played a minute in the NBA this season.

But, expectations are sky-high when people are pulling Durant auto after Durant auto out of these things, so when your highest-booking card is a Lebron INSERT, well, you feel like you've been stiffed.

So, this is a tough one to grade out...compared to retail in general, three hits out of four blasters would be an easy A. But considering that people have been hitting home runs with this product line, it's hard to give Jae Crowder, a Markieff Morris redemption, and a Ray Allen jersey anything more than a C+.

Grade for the product:  A 
Grade for the break:  C+

What we pulled:

Blaster #1
Rookie Autographs:  Markief Morris (Redemption)

Prime Numbers:  Lebron James
Elite Rookie:  Jae Crowder /599

Past & Present:
Rise and Shine:  David Lee, Greg Monroe
Treads:  Paul George

Blaster #2
Rookie Autographs:  Jae Crowder

Elite Rookie:  Marquis Teague /599
Elite Aspirations:  Darius Morris /99

Past & Present:
Rise and Shine:  Lebron James, Andre Drummond
Raining 3s:  Klay Thompson
Treads:  John Wall

Blaster #3
Statistical Contenders:  Derrick Rose

Craftsmen:  Steve Novak
Back to the Future jersey:  Ray Allen

Past & Present:
Rise and Shine:  Thomas Robinson, Metta World Peace
Raining 3s:  James Harden
Treads:  Derrick Rose

Blaster #4

Rookie Remembrance:  Amar'e Stoudemire

Elite Rookie:  Chris Copeland /599
Elite Status Gold:  Carlos Delfino /24

Past & Present:
Rise and Shine:  Brandon Knight, Serge Ibaka
Raining 3s:  OJ Mayo
Treads:  Blake Griffin

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