Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2014 Bowman baseball blaster x2

Sport:  Baseball
Product:  2014 Bowman
Break Date:  May 13, 2014
Hit Breakdown:  None
Summary:  I went to my nearest Target in search of a Gypsy Queen blaster, and was shut out. But, they finally had stocked '14 Bowman; while it was available at other Targets around the city, the Target three blocks from our house had been dry.

So, with a strong urge to open some wax, I picked up a couple before meeting the family for dinner. 

The results? Mixed.

The first blaster of the two was the stronger one. The first pack had one of the Top 100 inserts (albeit the last guy, #100). The second pack showed a hint of color, and it turned out to be a black prospect, Nelson Rodriguez.

The hit of the box, though, looks to be a strong one - and a Cardinals PC one at that - a prospect auto: Alex Reyes. It's Reyes's first issued autograph, and he's having a really strong season (3-1, 2.45 ERA, and well over a K an inning). So, pretty pleased with that one.

The second blaster was a bit weaker overall. For the most part blasters have been yielding one "hit" a pack, even if it's something as common as a refractor mini or a Hometown parallel. This one, though, only had five cards worth mentioning, and of those five, only one of real note - the Blue Chrome Ty Buttrey, numbered to /250.   

So, overall, this is a B+. If it had been the first blaster alone, I'd say it'd be an A; the second blaster alone, probably a B-.

Interestingly, into the Bowman "season" I've yet to pull a Kris Bryant of any kind. I've opened two hobby boxes, four blasters, and one value pack...and nary a Bryant. I've pulled several Jose Abreu cards (including one in the second blaster) and several Mark Appel cards (another in the first blaster) but not one Bryant.

Grade for the product:  B+
Grade for the break:  B+

Prospect Autograph:  Alex Reyes
Black Paper /99:  Nelson Rodriguez
Top 100:   Josh Bell
Bowman Scout Top 5 Mini Refractor:  Kevin Plawecki
State & Hometown Parallel:  Kyle Parker, Mark Trumbo

Blue Chrome Prospect /250:  Ty Buttrey
Blue Paper /500:  Nelson Rodriguez
Bowman Scout Top 5 Mini Refractor:  CJ Edwards
State & Hometown Parallel:  Christian Bethancourt, John Gant

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  1. I've bought two blasters and two rack packs and pulled a paper and a chrome bryant so far.