Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 Bowman baseball blaster x2

Sport:  Baseball
Product:  2014 Bowman
Break Date:  April 30, 2014
Hit Breakdown:  None
Summary:  Bowman's 2013 baseball product was one of my favorite retail breaks last season. There were a good amount of parallels and inserts in each blaster, so you were pretty much assured to pull something fun regardless of its value. 

So, when the 2014 version hit the shelves, I picked up a couple of blasters. First impression is that this year's is a lot like last year's. I don't like the card design as much - it seems busier, and I don't love the grey/silver tone they've dropped on the Chrome this year. But, after two blasters (one decent, one bad), it looks like collectors have a similar fun low-end break available.

The first blaster was definitely the better of the two. There was color immediately, albeit paper base color - a black Kyle Parker, numbered to 99. According to the odds listed on the pack, they're only pulled 1:866, so it is definitely a nice pull. There was also a Chrome Refractor (/500), pulled 1:148, a mini, and a few hometown parallels. 

I did see something super-shiny in one pack and got excited, but it turned out to be a Silver Diamond Refractor 1989 insert thing, and not only aren't they that rare (1:24), I think they're ugly.

The second blaster was mediocre, and that's putting it lightly. There was a blue paper parallel (/500), and that was really about it. And, across the board, none of the huge rookies came out (no Kris Bryant or Jose Abreu).

With Bowman, you're really prospecting, so time will tell whether any of these kids pan out, so that Kyle Parker could turn out to be a really good hit. But, while the first blaster was nice, the second was pretty bad, so despite the /99 black, this break was at BEST a B-.

Grade for the product:  B+
Grade for the break:  B-

Top 100:   Jameson Taillon
Bowman Scout Top 5 Mini Refractor:  Danny Hultzen  
Black /99:  Kyle Parker
Chrome Prospect Refractor /500:  Wendell Rijo
1989 Bowman is Back Silver Diamond Refractor:  Wilmer Flores
State & Hometown Parallel:  John Lackey, Victor de Leon

Top 100:   Jose Berrios
Bowman Scout Top 5 Mini Refractor:  Hunter Harvey
Blue /500:  Jose Herrera
State & Hometown Parallel:  Pat Stover, JJ Hardy, Jayson Werth

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