Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2012-13 Panini Brilliance basketball hobby box #2

Sport:  Basketball
Product:  2012-13 Brilliance hobby box
Break Date:  January 18, 2015
Hit Breakdown:   Two autographs + 1 game-used

Summary:  After pulling the Kyrie Irving auto out of my last hobby-turned-retail box of 2012-13 Brilliance, I told myself I'd quit while I was ahead. Problem is, I have next to no willpower when it comes to fairly cheap hobby boxes at Target. So, with a $10 gift card in hand, I took the last one on the shelf at Target.

I've grown fond of Brilliance - I think it's a fun break...maybe not at the original MSRP, and maybe not even at the $49.99 Target price. But, with the $10 off, and then an additional 5% off of that from the Target Red card, it's a lot easier to stomach the gamble. While this box wasn't as good as the other one, there really are no complaints.

The two autos out of this box don't compare to the Kyrie at all, but then, the only one that would have been Anthony Davis. That said, in the double rookie class that fills 12/13 basketball boxes with a good amount of throwaways,  you could do much, much worse than Nikola Vucevic and Bismack Biyombo – Vucevic is having quite a good year, and Biyombo's had a string of good games of late.

The jersey card was the card that made the box, though. My son pulled it, and it was a really sharp-looking prime patch, a four-color JJ Barea numbered to 25. While Barea may have been one of the worse cards to pull out of that set, it's a really nice card.

The inserts were particularly strong as well - a Lebron, two Kobes, two Durants, and an Anthony Davis rookie insert highlighting the batch. There really weren't any big-name rookies (Kawhi Leonard being the best) and the two Starburst parallels weren't anyhthing to get excited over (Mark Aguirre and Tyler Zeller), but overall, it was a nice box, especially at $37 and change.  

Grade for the product:  B
Grade for the break:  B+

Game Time Jerseys Prime /25:  J.J. Barea
Brilliant Beginnings Autographs:  Nikola Vucevic, Bismack Biyombo
Starburst:  Mark Aguirre, Tyler Zeller (RC)
Accolades:  Lebron James, Chauncey Billups, Jerry Stackhouse
Magic Numbers:  Kobe Bryant, Anthony Davis (RC), Blake Griffin
Scorers, Inc.:  Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry
Spellbound:  Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony
Springfield:  Kevin McHale, Bill Russell
Team Tomorrow:  Jared Sullinger, Tristan Thompson

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