Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball hobby box x2

Sport:  Basketball
Product:  2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball
Break Date:  July 6, 2015
Hit Breakdown:   Two autographs and two jersey cards
Summary:  So my obsession with Intrigue continues...

I'm about a third of the way through my chase for the Slam Ink set, and had some money laying around so I picked up a couple of more hobby boxes.

This time - so close. So freakin' close.

I opened the Intriguing Players packs first - this time, no gold or platinum. But, the assortment of players was pretty solid. Lebron and Kobe showed up for the first time, and the usual other names were there (Durant, Wall, Tony Parker, etc.). I like the insert set, but man, it's getting a little old seeing the same faces again and again. Each player has about 6 cards, so I'd have rather them done fewer cards of more players.

Then, I opened the first "hit" pack. The draft redemption was nice - the #4 pick, Aaron Gordon. I liked him going into last year but he got hurt. But, he has had a strong summer league so far.

The two jersey cards were a Harden First Flight (Thunder uni) and a J.J. Redick prime Top Flight, which has a great 4-color 6-break patch.

The autos were pretty bad, though - a Muggsy Bogues and Shane Larkin. I like Muggsy and have a small Charlotte Hornets PC, so I guess that's OK...and it's on-card, which is nice. But man, pretty rough.

The second "hit" pack started off nice enough, again because of the Draft Redemption - #7, Julius Randle. It was pretty much downhill from there.

I pulled a dual jersey Cousins/Thomas, and a First Flight uni of Danilo Galinari. 

The first auto was Michael Ray Richardson, anti-climactic at best. At least it's on-card. But, I've got one of his already.

And then...a redemption. I flipped it over, and there it was.

Slam Ink.

But, it's the Gold version - I'm trying to collect the base versions. And, to make it worse, it's Michael Finley. I loved Michael Finley back in the day, but if I'm going to get a low-numbered card (these are /10), at least I'd like it to be something I'd love to keep. This? Not it.

So, I'm going to keep buying Intrigue because I'm a glutton for punishment, but man, this was pretty rough. It would actually have been a more satisfying break if the Finley was the base version, which is saying something. 

I'm grading this a C+ mainly on the strength of the two draft redemptions and the fact that the Finley was a /10. Otherwise? A pretty clear D at best.

Grade for the product:  A-
Grade for the break:  C+

Box 1
Immortalized Autographs:  Muggsy Bogues /99
Impact Rookie Autographs:  Shane Larkin /149
Top Flight Unis Prime:  J.J. Redick /25
First Flight Unis:  James Harden /199
'14 Draft X-change:  Aaron Gordon (#4)
Intriguing Players:  Kyrie Irving, Tony Parker, Carmelo Anthony
Intriguing Players Die Cuts:  Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant
Base:  Randy Foye, Dwyane Wade

Box 2
Slam Ink Gold:  Michael Finley /10
Immortalized Autographs:  Michael Ray Richardson /99

Intriguing Pairs:  DeMarcus Cousins/Isaiah Thomas /99
First Flight Unis:  Danilo Galinari /199
'14 Draft X-change:  Julius Randle (#7)
Intriguing Players:  John Wall, Kevin Durant, Lebron James
Intriguing Players Die Cuts:  Carmelo Anthony, Anthony Davis
Base:  Roy Hibbert, Larry Sanders

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