Saturday, July 25, 2015

2014-15 Panini Excalibur gravity feed pack x 6

Sport:  Basketball
Product:  2013-14 Panini Excalibur Basketball gravity feed pack
Break Date:  July 25, 2015
Hit Breakdown:   No guaranteed hits
Summary:  Grabbing any retail wax is always risky, especially when it's in pack form - pack searchers generally grab any obvious thicker packs out of boxes and gravity feeds in an attempt to grab up the few hits that come out of retail.  

But, I liked what I'd seen out of Excalibur, so when I took my son to use some of his birthday Target gift cards, I grabbed up six packs. The gravity feed box looked like it had possibly been searched, but I don't really know what the distributors do with the box when they put it out, so I guess it's possible that it was fresh.

Out of six packs, I guess I'm pretty pleased. I didn't get any hits, but the cards are really nice. Excalibur's base set is really solid - I like the card design a lot - it reminds me a lot of National Treasures, and I may do the base set.

I didn't get any hits out of the packs, but I did pull three camo Crusade cards – unfortunately, no big names - I did pull a Maravich and a rookie (KJ McDaniel) though. And, I did pull a numbered insert, a Slam Inc. Dominique Wilkins, numbered to /99.

Overall, it's a nice break, and once the boxes hit shelves I may pick one up to try to build the set.

Grade for the product:  B
Grade for the break:  B

Slam Inc. Red /99:  Dominique Wilkins
Slam Inc.:  LeBron James, DeMar DeRozan
Crusade Camo:  Pete Maravich, OJ Mayo, KJ McDaniels (RC)
Knight Court:  Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Kemba Walker, Jimmy Butler, Eric Bledsoe
Red parallel:  Jeff Teague, George Hill, Damian Lillard, Nik Stauskas (RC), Damien Inglis (RC), Markel Brown (RC) 

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