Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And here we go again - ANOTHER '14 Bowman Platinum with an auto!

Sport:  Baseball
Product:  2014 Bowman Platinum blaster
Break Date:  August 15, 2014
Hit Breakdown:  No guaranteed hits
Summary:  So it's just getting silly at this point, really.

Don't get me wrong - silly in the best possible way. I mean, who really expects to pull an auto out of retail these days...let alone an auto out of retail FIVE blasters in a row, of the same product. It's gotta defy the law of averages in the most significant possible way.

So, last Friday I ended up at the doctor with neck/shoulder pain. My wife, being the wonderful woman she is, was taking my son to get a new soccer ball at a sporting goods store next door the nearest Target, and returned home with a blaster of '14 Platinum.

I'd opened five Bowman Platinum blasters at that point, - three at one time, and then a single blaster twice (this one and this one). Out of those five, autographs came out of the two single breaks, and two of the three in the first break of the year (the last two).

So, expecting nothing, I got to opening. Sure enough, mid-way though, there it was. The backward-facing card, another auto, and another numbered one - Akeem Bostick, green, numbered to 399. It looks like Akeem was stacking the cards on top of each other as he signed, though, as there are the slightest blue ink marks on the back. I'm not going to complain, though. 

The rest of the break was good. A Toolsy die-cut (Addison Russell), a Bowman is Back refractor (Boggs), and a Puig Cutting Edge Stars highlight the rest of the break.

But, my wife clearly has the magic touch these days. Every time I say it's time to quite while I'm ahead, we go back to the well with success.

This time, it's REALLY it, though :)

Grade for the product:  A
Grade for the break:  A

Green Prospect Autographs /399:  Akeem Bostick
Toolsy Die-Cut:  Addison Russell
1989 Bowman is Back Silver Diamond Refractor:  Wade Boggs
Top Prospects:  George Springer, Gary Sanchez
Cutting Edge Stars:  Yasiel Puig
Chrome Prospects:  Taylor Guerrieri, Alen Hanson
Sapphire Parallel:  Jered Weaver
Gold Parallel:  Matt Carpenter, Pablo Sandoval

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