Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Bowman Draft baseball jumbo box

Sport:  Baseball
Product:  2014 Bowman Draft
Break Date:  December 27, 2014
Hit Breakdown:   Three autographs
Summary:  I really try not to get involved in prospecting when it comes to baseball, because it's way more miss than hit. But, I took my son in to get a box to make up for a Hanukah present-gone-awry, and ended up walking out with a box of '14 Bowman draft for myself. I'm glad I did – I think.

I really don't know much about who's in this class outside of what I've read on message boards, and I think I did pretty well. The jumbo boxes of '14 draft are 12 packs and 36 cards per pack, with three autos in the box. The trouble with prospecting is that for the most part, it may be several years before you know if you did well.

The first auto was in the first pack, and it was a name I knew, and one that is selling pretty well right out of the gate - Kyle Schwarber. A pack or so later I pulled a blue refractor of his as well, so that was solid on its own.

The other two autos were OK...maybe? Again, not 100% sure, and even if I was, that all may change in a year. One was Carson Sands, a pitcher in the Cubs system, and the other was a refractor of Sean Newcomb, from the Angels system.

Not a whole lot of color; a blue paper BoSox prospect and a Red Ice Pirates guy. Red Ice used to be lower numbered, but this was /150. I did pull a Silver Ice of one of the hotter prospects, Nick Gordon. Frankly, there may be more nice stuff in here, but I haven't dug into who's hot and who's not in this year's crop because I've been a basketball guy of late.

I did notice that Topps is regurgitating a lot of the prospects in here again. I mean, how many Byron Buxton and Carlos Correa "prospect" cards does one really need? I feel like we've been seeing these guys for several years. I know that neither has reached the bigs yet, but really?

All in all, a fun break. There were two refractors per pack, which I assume was the norm and not an anomaloy. Again, time will tell. 

Grade for the product:  A-
Grade for the break:  A-

Refractor Autographs:  Sean Newcomb
Autographs:  Carson Sands, Kyle Schwarber
Red Ice /150:  Cole Tucker
Blue Refractor /399:  Kyle Schwarber
Blue Paper /399:  Michael Kopech
Bowman Scouts Breakout Die Cut Refractor:  Daniel Robertson
Bowman Scouts Breakout:  Jose De Leon, Will Locante, Jacoby Jones
Silver Ice:  Mark Appel, Nick Gordon, Casey Gillaspie, Michael Conforto
Future of the Franchise:  Julio Urias, Kyle Zimmer, Alex Jackson
1989 Bowman is Back Silver Diamond:  Blake Swihart, Christian Binford
Dual Draftees:  Nick Gordon/Kyle Schwarber, Luke Weaver/Jack Flaherty, Sean Newcomb/Grant Holmes
Draft Night:  Michael Chavis, Jacob Gatewood, Kodi Medeiros, Nick Gordon
Refractors:  Joey Gallo, Brett Graves, Travis DeMeritte, Braxton Davidson, Jorge Alfaro, Brent Honeywell, Michael Lorenzen, Kohl Stewart, Michael Chavis, Trevor Story, Michael Cederoth, Kevin Padlo, Erick Fedde, Mac Williamson, Grayson Greiner, Jeff Hoffman, Justin Steele, Trace Loehr, DJ Peterson, Chase Vallot, Derek Fisher, David Dahl, Daniel Robertson, Marcus Wilson

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