Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball hobby box - Birthday edition

Sport:  Basketball
Product:  2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball
Break Date:  September 25, 2015
Hit Breakdown:   Two autographs and two jersey cards
Summary:  I had an Amazon.com gift card for my birthday, so I picked up a box of 2014-15 Upper Deck SPx Basketball and the usual...2013/14 Intrigue. 

The SPx? Pretty decent. 

The Intrigue? Sadly, not so much.

At this point, of the three sets I'm chasing out of Intrigue, I've gotten 31 of the 50 Slam Ink, 21 of 25 of the Draft Exchange (with one on the way), and 14 of the 25 First Flight Unis. So, it's basically the home stretch. Even so, I really dig the product, so I keep going back for more.

This time, though - ugh. Pretty rough.

First off, it's all relative. Prior to this break, I had opened 6 boxes of the product this year, and done fairly well. I've hit two 1/1 Intriguing Players (Westbrook and Lillard), a handful of really nice autos, and some really strong patches.

So, on its face, maybe this box wouldn't have been that bad. 

The Intriguing Players pack didn't have any parallels, but there was a LeBron James, a Kevin Durant, and a Stephen Curry.

That was really as good as it got, though. I already had the Draft X-Change (no shock since I only need three), and if Dante Exum could ever stay healthy maybe it wouldn't be as bad.

The two jersey cards were fairly weak - one was a Carmelo Anthony Top Flight with a solid white swatch. The other was at least a little interesting - a dual rookie jersey with Tony Snell and a PC Gator alum, Erik Murphy. And, technically it's Prime at /25. But, the jersey swatches were plain black mesh...not exactly the Prime one would like. Plus, Murphy's already out of the NBA.

And then there were the two autos. One was a rookie, Gorgui Dieng. He's got potential, but there's a slew of dudes in front of him in Minnesota's big man rotation. The other was a low numbered but unspectacular Cedric Maxwell.

So, I'm grading this one a C+, and that's ONLY because of the pseudo-prime jersey card and the fact that the Maxwell is /10. If it were a standard jersey and a /99 Maxell, this is a solid F.

Grade for the product:  A-
Grade for the break:  C+

Immortalized Autographs Gold:  Cedric Maxwell /10
Impact Rookie Autographs:  Gorgui Dieng /149
Top Flight Unis:  Carmelo Anthony /99
Intriguing Pairs Prime:  Tony Snell / Erik Murphy /25
'14 Draft X-change:  Dante Exum (#5)
Intriguing Players:  Kevin Durant, LeBron James, John Wall
Intriguing Players Die Cuts: Paul Pierce, Stephen Curry
Base:  Serge Ibaka, Kemba Walker

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