Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2012-13 Panini Retrospection Collection x 5

Sport:  Basketball
Product:  Panini Retrospection Collection-blasters x 5
Break Date:  December 16, 2013
Hit Breakdown:  no guaranteed hits
Summary:  ‘Tis the season for repackaging old product into gift sets, and after seeing all these amazing breaks of the new Panini Retrospection Collection blasters on card forums, I loaded up the wife and kids and headed to the most unpleasant place on Earth to grab a box.

While there, I decided to grab two. I got home, busted the two I bought and drove my happy arse right back to Wally World for three more.

Why in the world would I go to all that trouble for 5 blasters? Because Panini flat out nailed this one!!! These boxes provide some of the best value I have seen all year. Retail blasters loaded with Hobby packs for cheaper than you could pick those said hobby packs up at the LCS? I am sold.

Each of these Panini blasters contains two hobby packs of 2012/13 Past and Present, two packs of 2012/13 Elite and one pack of 2012/13 Contenders. I invested right around $100 for these five blasters and pulled way more than I would have ever gotten for that same price at a shop. Out of five blasters I got six autos, three of which anyone would be very pleased with (Kawhi Leonard, MKG and Larry Johnson). 

Only one of the five boxes did not contain a hit and two boxes had two autos each. Did I get a Kobe, Kyrie or Durant like some people have pulled from these across the country? No. But I got awesome value and a really fun, relatively inexpensive break of mid-level Panini hobby packs that blew away my expectations.

My hat is off to Panini for this. Not sure about how local shop owners will feel about this product but promo boxes like this would definitely get my interest in buying cards at retail outlets back up. Panini has obviously created a buzz around these (organically at that) and surely will see that impact in their retail profits. 

I am not a retail fan but I am a sucker for a promo like this. I hope that Panini keeps these types of great value/low cost boxes in their retail strategy for here on out.

If you are looking for me, I will be trying to clean out another Wally World of their Retrospection Collection blasters...just don’t post my pic on People of Walmart

Grade for the product (the blaster):  A 
Grade for the break:  B+

What we pulled:

Blaster #1
Statistical Contenders:  Andre Iguodala

All Time Greats Autograph:  Larry Johnson /199
Elite Rookie:  Will Barton /599

Past & Present:
Rookie Autograph:  Will Barton
NBA Championship Banner:  Kobe Bryant
Rise and Shine:  Greivis Vazquez, Anderson Varejao

Blaster #2
Rookie Inscriptions Autograph:  Kevin Murphy
Elite Series:  Russell Westbrook

Past and Present:
Treads:  Tim Duncan
Rise and Shine:  Roy Hibbert, Ben Gordon

Blaster #3
Contemporary Contenders Auto:  Goran Dragic  /99

Elite Series:  Andre Igudala

Past and Present:
Short Print Variation:  Chris Paul
Headbands:  Paul Pierce
Rise and Shine:  Marreese Speights, J.R. Smith

Blaster #4
Rookie Rememberance:  Mark Jackson

Past and Present:
Shattered:  Derrick Rose Past and Present Insert
Treads:  Blake Griffin
Rise and Shine:  Zach Randolph, Amar'e Stoudemire

Blaster #5
Rookie of The Year:  Jeremy Lamb

Rookie Inscriptions Autograph:  Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
Elite Rookie:  Chris Copeland /599

Past and Present:
Rookie Signatures Autograph:  Kawhi Leonard (Redemption)
Championship Banner:  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Rise and Shine:  Dion Waiters, Jae Crowder

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