Sunday, May 31, 2015

2015 Bowman Baseball hobby box

Sport:  Baseball
Product:  2015 Bowman hobby box
Break Date:  May 31, 2015
Hit Breakdown:   One autograph per box
Summary:  I'm not really sure why I felt the urge to open a box of Bowman, because I haven't loved the release this year. But, my wife had the kids out of town for the weekend, so I ended up at the LCS, and left with a box of Bowman and a box of Pro Debut.

After the Bowman box, I was glad I made the trip – it was a really good break. I went looking for a jumbo box because they have more autos, so a better chance at getting a good player. Regular hobby has only one auto, and that's all they had, so grabbed one. 

Fortunately, I picked the right box, because it had two hits, not just one...and the extra was a big one - a mini Orange refractor autograph, serial-numbered to 25. And, the player was a good one - Austin Meadows. It's a really cool looking card, and pretty hard to pull - pack odds state they're one in every 727 packs.

And, the auto itself (the one per box sort) was a refractor also, numbered to /499; not sure who Avery Romero is, but at least it's numbered, and those are hard to pull in their own right.

The box was capped off by an orange paper base, numbered to /25 - Zack Greinke, and a refractor Orlando Arcia (/499).

EDIT: I found an additional hit - a Silver paper Joc Pederson, /499 - the box that keeps on giving!

I don't give out a lot of A+ grades for breaks, but this one will be pretty hard to beat. It had a huge hit, and the peripheral cards were all really good as well. A definite home run.

Grade for the product:  B
Grade for the break:  A+

Farm's Finest Minis Autographs Orange Refractors /25:  Austin Meadow
Autographs Refractors /499:  Avery Romero
Orange /25:  Zack Greinke
Refractors /499:  Orlando Arcia
Silver /499:  Joc Pederson
Silver Ice:  Starlin Castro 
Prospects Silver Ice:  Jake Johansen
Rookie Recollection:  Moises Alou
Scouts Top 100:  Max Pentecost, Derek Hill, Kyle Freeland
Farm's Finest Minis:  Kodi Medeiros, Kohl Stewart, Reynaldo Lopez, Buck Farmer

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