Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2015 Bowman hanger pack x 2

Sport:  Baseball
Product:  2015 Bowman hanger pack
Break Date:  May 4, 2015
Hit Breakdown:   No guaranteed hits
Summary:  Bowman has been good to me in the past, so when my wife was stopping at Target to do a little shopping, I told her to pick me up a blaster. It turns out, they were either out of them, or hadn't stocked them yet.

They did have hanger packs, though, or jumbo packs, or whatever the retail pack is that has 22 cards in it. She said there were two left, and we all know you never leave the last pack, so I told her to grab them both. I got home from work and went for a quick run, and after showering (no one wants sweat on their cards), I got to opening. 

The pack set-up was the same as your standard Bowman pack: a few prospects, a few Chrome prospects, and some base. The first pack illustrated exactly why you don't leave one sitting there, because it contained an auto – a Nick Longhi sticker (Boston prospect). This pack may have been the one left all by itself on the shelf, so good thing she grabbed both! The pack also contained one of the Scout Top 100 inserts,  #59 Trea Turner.

The second pack wasn't quite as good as the first, but I didn't expect it to be. The only thing of note was the Farm's Finest mini Greg Bird.

As for the cards themselves, I don't love this year's design – I think Topps really went overboard trying to jazz up the design...too many colors and shapes in the border, in my opinion.

The 22-card packs are definitely a hit-or-miss product. They don't cost a lot, so you're not making a big investment. And, with a prospect-heavy product, it may be a few years before it's clear players will have any value. But, I like Bowman, and hitting an auto on the cheap is always a win in my book.

Grade for the product:  B-
Grade for the break:  A-

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