Monday, September 28, 2015

2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball hobby box x2

Sport:  Basketball
Product:  2013-14 Panini Intrigue Basketball
Break Date:  September 25, 2015
Hit Breakdown:   Two autographs and two jersey cards
Summary:  Back down the Intrigue rabbit hole I go...

I've now got half of the Slam Ink, so picked up a few boxes to give it another go. Yet again (like the last breakso close. Sooooo close.

As always, I opened the Intriguing Players packs first - and the first of the two packs was the hit of the break - another 1/1 Platinum - this time, Damian Lillard. These 1/1 cards are so nice-looking, and since the entire set is made up of all stars, it's a great card.

Overall, this was a better break than the last one. The two autos in the first box were a Nick Young jersey/auto and a David Thompson Dunk Co. auto – at least Thompson's a Hall of Famer. 

Then, the autos in the second box. The first was another Dunk Co. auto - J.R. Smith; it's the base auto, but only numbered to 15. Then, the second one. 

Finally, a Slam Ink. Sadly, though, it was Terrence Ross, which I already have. It's /25, but if I was going to pull a double, at least it would have been nice if it was, say, Vince Carter, or McGrady, or something I could maybe flip for one I need.

The jersey cards were pretty good. The first box had a Andrei Kirilenko First Flight (Jazz uni) and a Kobe/Durant Intriguing Pairs dual jersey. I had actually pulled a Kobe/Durant before, but it's a nice card and I know I can trade it for something else.

The second box had a Top Flight Luol Deng and a Terrific Trios card with Blake Griffin, Anthony Davis, and Kevin Love jersey swatches – a real sharp card.

While I didn't pull a Slam Ink that I needed, this was still a solid break. The Smith /15 is a nice card, and the two multi-player jersey cards are really cool. And, to top it off, the 1/1 Lillard is great.

Overall, a solid B+ that would have been an A had the Ross been any of the other Slam Ink cards I need.

Grade for the product:  A-
Grade for the break:  B+

Box 1
Intriguing Players Platinum 1/1:  Damian Lillard
Autographed Jerseys:  Nick Young  /149
Dunk Co.:  David Thompson /99
First Flight Unis:  Andrei Kirilenko
Intriguing Pairs:  Kobe Bryant/Kevin Durant /199
'14 Draft X-change:  P.J. Hairston(#12)
Intriguing Players:  James Harden, Anthony Davis
Intriguing Players Die Cuts: John Wall, Kevin Durant
Base:  Gerald Green, Dion Waiters

Box 2
Slam Ink:  Terrance Ross /25
Dunk Co.:  J.R. Smith /15
First Flight Unis: Luol Deng /49
Terrific Trios: Blake Griffin/Anthony Davis/Kevin Love /199
'14 Draft X-change:  Doug McDermott(#11)
Intriguing Players:  Tim Duncan, Derrick Rose, Dirk Nowitzki
Intriguing Players Die Cuts:  Tim Duncan, Russell Westbrook
Base:  Vince Carter, J.R. Smith

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