Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2014 Topps 2014 Topps U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls blaster

Sport:  Winter Olympics
Product:  2014 Topps U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team and Hopefuls
Break Date:  December 14, 2013
Hit Breakdown:  One autograph, relic, or commemorative relic
Summary:  To quote Monty Python..."and now for something completely different!"

While we usually break the majors (Football, Basketball, and Baseball), I was at Target and saw the Topps Winter Olympic blaster sitting there. I did the Summer Olympic set with my then 6-year-old son last year since it was a good way to introduce him to the Olympic sports, and figured the same would hold true for the Winter version. As an added bonus, the blasters guarantee a hit - either an auto, relic, or commemorative relic.

So, I got to crackin'. The hit came pretty early in the 7-pack break - a Tom Wallisch autograph - and it was the Silver Medal version, numbered to 30! Pretty solid. Apparently Wallisch is a medal hopeful in freeskiing - he's won gold at the X Games and was named ESPN's 2012 Action Sport Athlete of the Year.

There was one Gold Medal parallel, Ted Ligety, and a handful of Silver and Bronze base parallels as well. The atheletes pictured are mostly foreign names to me, and if it's anything like the Summer set, a decent chunk of them won't actually make our Olympic squad. It was cool to see LoLo Jones on the Bobsled team - she has a card from the Summer set as a sprinter.

Overall, it was a fun break. I was happy to pull the auto, and for it to be short-printed at /30, well, that was a nice surprise.

Grade for the product:  A
Grade for the break:  A+

What we pulled:
Silver Medal Autograph:  Tom Wallisch /30
Gold Medal Base Parallel:
  Ted Ligety
Silver Medal Base Parallel:  Jocelyne Lamoureux, Alice McKennis, Katie Uhlaender, Ashley Caldwell
Bronze Medal Base Parallel:  Lindsey Jacobellis, Hillary Knight, Dylan Ferguson, Patrik Deneen, Julia Clukey, Gretchen Bleiler, Chas Guldemond, Steve Langton
Sochi Games Insert:  Bobsled/Steve Holcolmb
Olympic Heritage Insert:  Torino 2006

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