Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2012-13 Panini Retrospection Collection

Sport:  Basketball
Product:  2012-13 Panini Retrospection Collection
Break Date:  November 17, 2013
Hit Breakdown:  No guaranteed hits

Summary:  So, was at a local retail outlet, and saw this silver blaster - Panini's Retrospection Collection. Never seen one before, so picked it up to get a closer look.

$19.99...five hobby packs inside:  two packs of Past & Present, two packs of Elite, and one pack of Contenders. Seemed reasonable enough.

Panini breaks can be rough, and this was no different. Nothing out of the Past & Present outside of an Alonzo Mourning short print and an insert or two.

The Elite packs were bad as well - the only thing remotely resembling a hit was a serial-numbered Malcolm Lee rookie...not even a good rookie.

There was a neat Shaq insert in the Contenders, but the hit of that pack may have been the Lebron base card.

All in all, this is no bigger a gamble than the standard Panini-produced blaster, and the prospect of hobby packs from retail is always interesting. This year's Past & Present release is pretty awful, so it's a good way for the manufacturer to unload excess inventory, but for us consumers, we're forced to take that on in order to get the nicer cards.

Grade for the product:  B
Grade for the break:  C-

What we pulled:
Contenders Playoff Contenders:  Shaquille O'Neal
Elite Rookie:  Malcolm Lee #343/599
Past & Present Rise Short Print Variation:  Alonzo Mourning
Past & Present Headbands:  Paul Pierce
Past & Present Rise N Shine:  Carmelo Anthony, Ray Allen

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