Saturday, November 16, 2013

2013-14 Hoops Target retail blaster #2

Sport:  Basketball
Product:  2013-14 Hoops Target retail blaster
Break Date:  November 14, 2013
Hit Breakdown:  No guaranteed hits
Summary:  Because we're gluttons for punishment, we went back to the faithful Target blaster to try to pull more of the 24 base needed to complete the 2013-14 Hoops set.  While last time brought no luck, this time through, 7 of the needed cards showed their face. That wasn't all, though.

Panini blasters (and Panini retail in general) seem to yield fewer hits than, say, Topps. This blaster, though, was loaded as far as Panini goes.

One of the one-per-pack red parallels was Nerlens Noel. While he has yet to spend a single minute on the court due to injury, Noel was the projected #1 overall pick until he blew up his knee towards the end of last season. Sure, this draft class was pretty weak, but it may pay dividends down the road.

There was also a Michael Carter-Williams base rookie. MCW has been hurt of late, and as more products get released Hoops's value drops. But still, the kid was great out of the gate.

The hit of the box, though, was definitely the red bordered Donatas Motiejunas auto. Do I know who this kid is? No. But, any auto out of retail is good, and this was numbered to 99.

So, clearly a better break than the last Hoops blaster. Retail is still hit-or-miss, but any blaster that yields an auto, a nice parallel rookie, some nice inserts, and set needs is definitely a win.

Grade for the product:  B+
Grade for the break:  A

What we pulled:
Red Autograph /99: Donatas Motiejunas
Red Target Parallel:  Nerlens Noel (RC), Steve Nash, Grant Jerrett (RC), Mike Dunleavy, Chase Budinger, Paul Pierce, Danny Granger, Andrew Bynum, Raymond Felton, Joel Anthony
Above the Rim:  Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant
Action Shots:  Lebron James, Tyreke Evans
Board Members:  Joakim Noah, Reggie Evans
Courtside:  Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson
Dreams:  Kawhi Leonard
Basketball Hall of Fame:  Scottie Pippen
Class Action:  Gary Payton
Spark Plugs:  Wilson Chandler

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